The Cancer Scam
There are a multitude of people in the world that look at the cancer epidemic and it dawns on them.  There is money to be made here.  You don’t need a cure for cancer, you just need to convince people that you have a cure, or just simply may have a cure for this dreaded disease.  These people are doctors, nutritionists, nurses, farmers, and perhaps even a plumber or two. 
The elements of a cancer scam include a cure.  This is the primary ingredient.  Then, you must have statistics and a high cancer cure rate.  The statistics and success claims must be unverifiable, however.  You will encounter a complete absence of scientific studies with claims that numerous studies have been done.  You will not find any other physician, or scientist to backup the claims, but you will hear about all physicians and scientists agreeing with the results. 
Of course, the other people are afraid to come forward because they may be ridiculed, or they may loose their jobs, or lose their licenses.  Therefore, the scam artist become the lone wolf that dares to stand up and tell the truth.  They will champion the cause for your sake.  They will be your hero.  They will take your money.
Don’t forget the government conspiracy with the drug companies.   This is one of the most absurd arguments, but the most frequently used.  The government is in cahoots with big Pharma!  Conventional treatment of cancer is a multi billion dollar industry and the government is helping to perpetuate the business. 
Has anyone ever stopped to consider why the government would participate in such a conspiracy.  Well, it’s the lobbyists they declare!  Millions of dollars a year are spent lobbying congress to support the drug industry.  This may be true, but the government also pays for most of the healthcare in this country.  A cure for cancer would save the government billions of dollars a year.  There seems to be a conflict of interest here.  Would the government really take a few million dollars of lobbying money in exchange for continuing to spend billions and billions of dollars on cancer treatments in medicare?   Would an individual congress person really squash a cure for cancer.  Are they really that debased?  I think not.  The more likely explanation is that THERE IS NO CURE!  
Look closely at the references that these scam artists provide.  No, that’s not the New England Journal of Medicine, that’s the England Medical Journal.  There is a difference.  The first is a respected medical journal, and the second is a dummy journal started by the scam artists and self published to provide a reference.  
If the reference is from a respected scientific or medical journal, look it up.  You will find that the conclusions of the study are minimal, if not the exact opposite of what the scammer claims.  This was a favorite strategy of Adelle Davis and it continues to be used today.
Let’s be clear.  These people DO NOT have a cure for cancer.  They are not even close to a cure, because they have not done anything but write a book and they are just trying to sell you their book.  That is it!  Shame on them for using the desperation of people and their families for profit.  They may justify their actions in their own minds.  Of course this is easy.  They don’t have cancer.  Their approach only needs to make a modicum of sense and they are fine with it.  There is also that added benefit of millions of dollars in book sales and all the attention they get on radio talk shows, and maybe, even the Oprah Winfrey show.  Oh!  That show has ended.  Shooot!
We do not have a cure for cancer.  It is as plain and simple as that.  Traditional cancer treatments offer some help, but not a cure.  The healthcare industry is making very slow progress in the fight against cancer, but they are making progress.  The health food industry may be able to offer you some protection with antioxidants, but not much.  I definitely do not recommend alternative cancer treatments to the exclusion of traditional treatments.  At best, natural cancer remedies offer additional treatments to the traditional measures.  In the future, we may find the magic pill, elixir, extract or herb.  But, as of today, that remedy does not exist, no matter who is boasting about it.  Show me the cures, the real cures, and I will believe.

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