Who are the Charlatans?
    The Charlatans of Nutrition come from both sides of the isle.  The isle is made up of you, the consumer, the common man/woman, who is struggling to earn a living and trying to stay healthy, so you can go to work, enjoy life, and live as long as possible.  To the right are your conventional nutrition experts, such as your dietitian, nurse and/or physician.  This is the Healthcare Industry.  To the left are your “nutritionists” and the Health Food Industry.  As a dietitian, I am on the right side of the isle, and tend to be conservative, conventional, stuffy, and generally stuck up.
     It really is not my fault.  I was trained as a young man, barely out of my teens.  I was told, time and time again, that the health food industry was full of health food nuts and replete with nutrition misinformation.  I believed this for many decades, and only gradually changed my opinion of the work being done on the left side of the isle.  I now realize that there is nearly as much misinformation on the right side of the isle as there is on the left.  The types of misinformation are different on each side of the isle because the motivations are different.

     So, if misinformation is everywhere, then who are the Charlatans?  Is everyone a Charlatan?   No.  The Charlatans are the ones who knowingly present false or exaggerated information to you in order to serve their interests.  For the Health Food Industry, this may be to sell you a product, book, regimen, or a super life saving system that will change your life forever!  In the Healthcare industry, this may be to publish an article, to advance a career, to achieve status and prestige, to make a significant contribution, or to go down in history!

     Whatever the reason, it is these self serving motivations that lead to highly restrictive diet regimens that do not help anyone but the people who dreamed them up.  Yes, I said dreamed them up, because most, if not all of them, are simply dreamed up by a dietitian, physician, nurse, or researcher.  They represent what they think you ought to avoid eating.  They never tell you to avoid foods you dislike.  It is always the foods you enjoy and look forward to eating.  You would think that a healthcare professional would think twice about asking you to avoid these foods.  You would also think that they would have done some sort of study, or research, to make sure you needed to avoid these foods.  Unfortunately, research on the true benefits of a diet is only done after decades of prescribing it.  What a sad state of affairs this is, and the people responsible for it are the Charlatans of Nutrition on the right side of the isle.

     You can name the diet, and this book will name many, and I can guarantee it.  There was no research done to study whether or not the diet actually helped the condition it was prescribed for.  Diets are born out of simple conjecture.  They are only someone’s opinion of what you ought to eat or not eat.  The healthcare industry is filled with people that are eager to tell you what you can or cannot eat.  They thoroughly enjoy enforcing diets upon you while you are in the hospital, or in a nursing home.  They instill guilt when you go off your diet, and enlist your family members in the battle to control what you are allowed to eat.  These are the Charlatans, and in my view, they are the nasty ones.

     The Charlatans on the left have been with us for centuries.  They are the old time whiskey salesmen selling strange colored whiskey as health elixirs that were supposed to cure everything that ails you.  They are the mega vitamin sales people who have a vitamin or herb for everything and a story to tell you about how the vitamin/herb works its way through your body and destroys disease, ailments, conditions, moods, passions, or all of the above.   These people are fast talking, smooth of tongue, slick, saavy, and they always have exactly what you need.  What they say is amazing, but none of it is true.   They are the health food nuts.  They are the Charlatans.

     The health food nuts are the people I was warned about in college.  What they didn’t tell me in college, was that the majority of the people in the health food industry, are sincere, honest people, who have done their research and who only emphasize what they know to be true and beneficial.  Most are not proclaiming miracle cures, and are not exaggerating the facts.  Well, they aren’t exaggerating them too much.  The truth is, there are more legitimate nutrition studies done in the health food industry, than in the healthcare industry.  This is because the health food industry wants to know if a particular vitamin or herb actually helps an individual.  The healthcare industry is more interested in publishing papers than it is about determining the truth.  The health food industry gets to the heart of the matter far more quickly than the healthcare industry.

     In future articles for this website, we will be exploring the various topics in nutrition.  These will be the prevailing topics of our day.  They will be examined on the basis of truth, and what you as an individual need to do, or not do, in order to stay as healthy as possible.  In each case, I will expose the Charlatans on both sides of the isle, but I will not dwell on who is the most responsible for the deception.  Rest assured, there is enough blame to go around for both camps.  What you need to get from this website, is a clear indication of where the truth lies.  It is somewhere in the shadows.  No one is pointing to it, and no one really wants you to see it.  That is, until now.  I will show you where the Truth is, and how you can keep a handle on it and track it through the murky sea of misinformation.